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Category: Limited Fine Art Edition
Image: Portrait of a man
Color: The art is in color
Size: 60x90cm with a white passe-partout.
Paper: The fine art print is printed on high quality 240gr uncoated white paper with a smooth matt finish.
Original: The original work of art was painted with oil on canvas.

Limited edition: 100 ex. (re-editions not available when stock is sold out).
Certificate of Authenticity: The exclusive fine art print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity mounted on the back.
Signature: Signed and numbered by the artist VAGNELIND on the front.

VAGNELINDs story behind the fictive portrait OTTOMAN: Ottoman enjoys blurring boundaries. His name, uncommon to the extent of nearing disappearance, stems from the former Ottoman Empire. This sense of the Middle East is expressed in his scent: the earthiness of sandalwood, opulence of saffron, and woody spice of black pepper.  People often refer to his sense of fashion as ‘androgynous.’ The origins of the word lays in medieval French, incorporating ‘andro-‘, meaning ‘man’, and ‘gyné’, meaning ‘woman’, referring to an ambiguity of gender performance.  Despite the archaic roots of the term, Ottoman is anything but stuck in the past: he is proud of his nonconforming, barrier-breaking identity.

Freight: All fine art prints are sent in a strong paper tube. The art is sold unframed.
Delivery time: Normally 1-2 days.


The art of VAGNELIND is represented around the world, both in official and private collections. Her signature is large paintings where she interprets people and their stories sculpturally with wide brushes and thick color, somewhere in the borderland between 2D and 3D. Her art have been auctioned for over 100,000 SEK. She is fascinated by water in all its forms. She has been building several suites at ICEHOTEL as an ice sculptor and won an international snow sculpture competition 2021. She is a cold bath expert and the author of the book KALLA BAD, she won the award for the best book cover as a photographer and art director. VAGNELIND inspires different teams to increase their motivation through creative workshops where she uses various challenges such as ice bath or climbing as a complement to the painting session for everyone to reach their full potential.

VAGNELIND.SE – Find your favorite work of art by the artist VAGNELIND. Original oil paintings, ink drawings in the categories Line Bozettos and Ink Modellos.  limited edition fine art.

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60x90cm Embellished fine art print


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