VAGNELIND bok med Bonnier KALLA BAD 2018
Photo of cover and inline of the book: VAGNELIND
Now our book KALLA BAD is available to reserve at Adlibris.
To make a book. Imagine two new friends were in the car heading home from an early morning winter swim in October 2017. The experience was magic and I told Linda Ahlgren that this is too good to just stay between us, we should make a book. And she said yes.

Then our journey began with the book KALLA BAD together with Bonnier Fakta. A lifelong friendship took place. It has always been a dream to make a book, now it is in full production and it will be released in November 6th in Sweden and perhaps also abroad.

Together we outlined the essays and wrote the story throughout the documentary travel through Sweden. I am the photographer of the book and I have also made alot of art to be an nice part of the book.

The cover was taken in Stockholm an early morning before a meeting with Bonnier Fakta. I used a drone and we needed to take many photos to get the perfect shot. We got VERY cold but it was definitely worth it. We work together under the name Icewomen with different projects, the book was one of them.