Category: Original Oil Painting
Image: Pine cone
Color: The art is painted with oil color
Size: 100×100 cm
Technique: Oil on stretched canvas

VAGNELINDs story behind the painting STROBILUS SKY: Do you remember the scent of the evergreen forest from childhood? Bring nature indoors and enjoy its endless benefits in the form of cones with their warm, citrusy odor and intriguing shape, hand-crafted by mother nature. Spruce cones and pine cones are believed to be one of the oldest forms of plant life and so are a symbol of the Earth’s energy. Nature enhances physical and mental wellbeing and provides the essentials for survival. It also increases attention span, creativity, and people’s connectedness. We need to be reminded of the natural resources available to us and the importance of simplicity.
Handwritten on the reverse canvas: The story is handwritten by the artist to share her thoughts abut the fictive person. Even location and date when the work of art was made is written on reverse.

Certificate of Authenticity: The art comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.
Signature: Signed by the artist VAGNELIND on front.



The art of VAGNELIND is represented around the world, both in official and private collections. Her signature is large paintings where she interprets people and their stories sculpturally with wide brushes and thick color, somewhere in the borderland between 2D and 3D. Her art have been auctioned for over 100,000 SEK. She is fascinated by water in all its forms. She has been building several suites at ICEHOTEL as an ice sculptor and won an international snow sculpture competition 2021. She is a cold bath expert and the author of the book KALLA BAD, she won the award for the best book cover as a photographer and art director. VAGNELIND inspires different teams to increase their motivation through creative workshops where she uses various challenges such as ice bath or climbing as a complement to the painting session for everyone to reach their full potential.

VAGNELIND.SE – Find your favorite work of art by the artist VAGNELIND. Original oil paintings, ink drawings in the categories Line Bozettos and Ink Modellos.  limited edition fine art.


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