Category: Original Art
Image: Portrait of a women
Color: The art is painted with oil color
Size: 80×100 cm
Technique: Oil on stretched canvas

Story of PHENOMENA written by VAGNELIND: ‘Phenomena’ is often used to refer to someone of extraordinary talent. In this case, it is accurate: PHENOMENA was a dance prodigy from a very early age. Her vibrant personality and energizing presence draws people to her, in both social and professional situations, so she is always at the center of the crowd. Nonetheless, her beauty means she stands out like a splash of fuchsia paint on a grey wall. In her dance, she is flexible and adaptive, her movements feline in nature, though she has the strength and self-assuredness of a warrior. She is a rare type of person: the embodiment of an explosion of color.
Handwritten on the reverse canvas: The story is handwritten by the artist to share her thoughts abut the fictive person. Even location and date when the work of art was made is written on reverse.

Certificate of Authenticity: The art comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.
Signature: Signed on front by the artist VAGNELIND.

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The art of VAGNELIND is represented around the world, both in official and private collections. Her art have been auctioned for 100,000 SEK. VAGNELINDs Signature is large paintings where she interprets people and their stories sculpturally with wide brushes and thick color, somewhere in the borderland between 2D and 3D.
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