art acrylic original painting of al pacino by vagnelind



Category: Original Art
Image: Portrait of Al Pacino
Color: The art is in strong colors
Size: 120x150cm
Original: The original work of art was painted in color with acrylic on canvas.
Exhibition: Exhibited at Eurovision Song Contest 2013.

Limited edition: 100 ex. (re-editions not available when stock is sold out).
Certificate of Authenticity: The exclusive print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity mounted on the back.
Signature: Signed by the artist VAGNELIND on the front.

Freight: Shipping can be arranged all over the world but the painting is large and stretched on a wooden frame so the easiest way is to pick up the art in the shop in Gothenburg.
Delivery time: Normally 1-2 days.
Exhibition: Exhibited at Eurovision Song Contest 2013.

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VAGNELIND is extremely passionate, everything  she does have to be really good whether it is a large painting for a hotel lobby or a live painting on stage. Her art is represented all over the world. VAGNELIND has a solid client list; SVT, Eurovision Song Contest, Volvo, Panos Emporio, Bert Karlsson, SAAB, Restaurant M2, Puma, WaterAid, Världens barn, ICA Maxi, Mini Hotel Hong Kong, Gothia Towers, Restaurant Enoteca Maglia and Scandic Grand Central.

“I don´t like good enough, I am always striving to achive more. When I have submitted a project I want to dive into next one and make it even better.”

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The art of VAGNELIND is represented around the world, both in official and private collections. Her art have been auctioned for 100.000SEK. VAGNELINDS signature is large format paintings where she interprets people and their stories sculpturally with wide brushes and thick color. Somewhere in the border land between 2D and 2D.



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