VAGNELIND in the ART LIVE AUCTION at The Perfect World Foundation

SKIN The perfect world foundation 2018
Thank you for a magic evening The perfect world foundation. A great ART LIVE AUCTION hold by Peder Lamm. A great gala with really important content. Lars and Ragnhild and the great team, you are making a fantastic job to highlight the world´s needs of our care. David Attenborough speach was strong and honest among all others. Thank everyone involved for making the world better and thanks to who bought my painting ”SKIN”.
See the art catalouge with art from Nick Brandt, Carolina Gynning, Ernst Billgren, Vagnelind, Paul Nicklen, Björn Persson, Alexander Klingspor

Now it’s official – VAGNELIND will build one of the 15 suites at ICEHOTEL

VAGNELIND Icewomen Icehotel 2018

Now it’s official, this winter I will build one of the15 suites at this season’s 29th ICEHOTEL.

Contributions came from all over the world; Sweden, USA, India, Canada, Mexico and New Zealand among others. A list of all the artists involved in the creation of ICEHOTEL #29 is presented here:

Get a night’s sleep in a candy store full of sweets, sleep in a suite with a swiming woman that loves ice and slumber into an aquarium with a huge cat as a spectator. This is three of the design proposals awaiting visitors on December 14th, when ICEHOTEL opens the doors of the seasonal opening of the hotel.

Every year the hotel is visited by about 50,000 guests from all over the world, about 50 wedding couples get married among ice and snow and many guests has eaten the famous Ice Menu in the ICEHOTEL Restaurant, which serves a five course menu on plates made of ice, directly from the Torne River.

Building the hotel for each season requires a huge effort, starting with 5,000 tonnes of ice taken from Torne River in March. The ice is then stored until October each year when the construction of ICEHOTEL starts.

The 14th of December opens the season’s ICEHOTEL.



VAGNELIND at Malou Efter Tio – TV4

VAGNELIND at Malou efter tio 2018
Film: Malou Efter Tio
Today you can see mee, Argavan and Myriam at Maloe Efter Tio at TV4 talking about the project ARTDOM. Here with Argavan Agida E and Maryam Aljaderi.
By crossing cultural boundaries and building creative bridges across the two country’s Sweden and Iran the women involved in this project manage to achieve an amazing level of empowerment. I am glad to work together with @talapaint from Iran. We work similar in many ways as a full time artist with commission work and painting on walls. Big thanks to Argavan tjat is the initiator of this project.
#artcanchange #artdom #womensrights #creativechangemakers
@creativechangemakers @vagnelind @talapaint @herosheikholeslam @sagharmassoudi @nasirayousefi @art_of_negarzonoobi @maryamaljaderiart  @arttant @malinmoss

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HOPE – A cooperation between artist from Iran and Sweden


I am happy to cooperate with the artist @talapaint from Iran in this project. We did paint this painting HOPE together. I got the canvas when Tala had painted the right side, I got the challenge to paint the other half. A great project, art can change.
Through an innovative partnership characterized by creativity and female leadership this project aims to create spaces where female artists can interact and empower each other by giving the public tools to be inspired by their work. Artdom creates understanding and awareness about women’s rights as well as womens freedom of expression, mainly through cooperation in the form of art. The goal is to amplify the voices of female artists through workshops and exhibitions.
#artist #strongwomen #creativechangemaker #artcanchange #empower #artdom

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VAGNELIND målar live på Meg Mässan

Vagnlined målad Bowie live på Meg mässan i Göteborg
Foto: Gary Landström
Oj, en stressig vecka avslutades med ett inhopp på Brewhouse jurysläpp på Meg Mediedagarna på Svenska Mässan. Jag målade David Bowie live på Öppna scenen, kul att tavlan såldes innan jag hade målat färdigt.
Idag avslöjades The Brewhouse Awards namnkunniga juryn. Kultur- och näringslivstoppar, ledande entreprenörer, innovatörer, kreatörer och konstnärer som i höst bedömer de bidrag som kommer att strömma in från de tävlande i The Brewhouse Award – Sveriges mest nyskapande idé- och innovationstävling. Jag är glad att få sitta med i juryn i denna coola tävling. Isola Damille, nice

För er som inte känner till The Brewhouse Award: en idé- och innovationstävling inom arkitektur, dataspel, design och formgivning, film, foto, konst, kulturarv, litteratur, media och marknadskommunikation, mode, musik, måltid, scenkonst, slöjd och konsthantverk samt upplevelsebaserat lärande.

Oops, a stressful week! I concluded with a live painting at Brewhouse Jury drop at “Meg Mediedagarna” at Svenska mässan. I painted David Bowie live at the open Sstage. Coolt, the painting was sold before I had finished it.
Today The Brewhouse Awards revealed the renowned jury. Culture and business leaders, leading entrepreneurs, innovators, creators and artists.  I am happy to be one of the jury candidates in this cool contest.

For those of you who do not know The Brewhouse Award: an idea and innovation competition in architecture, computer games, design and art,  film, photography,  cultural heritage, literature, media and marketing communications, fashion, music, food, performing arts, crafts and artwork, as well as experiential learning.

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