VAGNELIND at Malou Efter Tio – TV4

VAGNELIND at Malou efter tio 2018
Film: Malou Efter Tio
Today you can see mee, Argavan and Myriam at Maloe Efter Tio at TV4 talking about the project ARTDOM. Here with Argavan Agida E and Maryam Aljaderi.
By crossing cultural boundaries and building creative bridges across the two country’s Sweden and Iran the women involved in this project manage to achieve an amazing level of empowerment. I am glad to work together with @talapaint from Iran. We work similar in many ways as a full time artist with commission work and painting on walls. Big thanks to Argavan tjat is the initiator of this project.
#artcanchange #artdom #womensrights #creativechangemakers
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Original art – Sweetbomb

VAGNELIND Art Sweetbomb
VAGNELIND art. //Sweetbomb
Its fantastic to build a portrait with wide brushes. I made it for a long time and I will continue doing it. Thanks to all my great models through the years and big thanks to all my customers. I really love my job.

May 10, 2018 in ART, EXHIBITIONS

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